Honesty together, planned care to your personal and shared expectations and values with a modern professional provision of care are the basis for successful experiences.

We want to work with you to We are not you or your family and friends but we hope to be the next best support you can have. We will learn in partnership with you, how you like your care to ensure comfort and compassion. Realistic partnership achieves positive experiences when individuals are at their most vulnerable.

We listen to your plans and needs and recognise it is your quality of life that is important. How we care matters. Providing gentle care helping you to remain as active and independent as your health allows is our collective priority. Lifestyle choices are owned by you- we respect you. The person-centred approach is sensitive and special to your family needs. We may not be perfect, but we can learn together how to achieve care in the best interests of the individual in need. True partnership with yourself or family representatives are the key to personalised lifestyle and comfort in your home. Compassion with care is respected.

How we Support

Our team utilises a range of effective care methods to ensure that our residents get the support they need.

Consultation and achievement by taking small steps makes a huge difference to you and your family. A positive approach to life reaps the rewards of positive outcomes and comfort. This has been demonstrated by research, which has created the framework from which the government drives care. As individuals people say they want to:

  • Feel they have more choice and control over their needs
  • They had noticed an improvement in their health and how they were feeling when they have choice
  • To be encouraged to be more independent when able
  • Feel that they had achieved the outcomes they had wished for

Let us help you or your loved one.

We're passionate about what we do

Successful care is dependent on being able to work with an enthusiastic and willing provider who is committed to, and capable of, providing outcome-based care. If the care provider is motivated and focused on the individual then achievement and quality of care are a primary focus. Warwick Park House Limited are passionate about working in partnership with the individual and their loved ones and our commissioners. Partnership achieves learning and improvement. We want you to identify and choose the realistic goals and outcomes for us to support. After all, it is your life. We are proud to be a trusted service provider chosen to deliver in partnership with the local County Council and PCT. We want you to be in control of your or your loved ones needs and care.

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